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Hollowcore Floor Slabs

Hollowcore Floor Slabs

Prestressed hollowcore flooring  provides an excellent load carrying capacity coupled with a relatively low self weight and shallow structural depth when compared to traditional reinforced insitu concrete.


DevCor Precast floor units are produced on a production line method and are manufactured in a range of depths as illustrated. Prestressing strands are used in various combinations/patterns  depending on the loading and span required. Increased spans and/or loading can be achieved by the use of a composite structural screed.



DevCor Precast Ltd will provide a full supporting technical   service. Advice and assistance is available from our experienced technical team regarding layout, spans, loading applications and finishes.



DevCor Precast Ltd hollowcore units are suitable for use in all types of construction including blockwork, insitu concrete, structural steel frame , precast concrete  frame structures.


Hollowcore flooring eliminates many of the problems associated with poor ground conditions in a ground floor slab situation.  The need to provide and compact infill is eliminated in most instances and the number of load bearing foundation walls can be reduced thereby reducing foundation excavations.


The ease and speed of installation of hollowcore flooring units provides the client with an immediate working platform enabling other trades to continue work almost immediately, leading to shorter construction programmes.


The excellent span/depth ratio enables overall construction height to be kept to a minimum and facilitates the creation of larger open floor areas